Mac Miller 1st UK Release – Knock Knock [NEW MUSIC]

So if you’ve been following us you’d have seen all the hype surrounding the boy Mac Miller. We’ve heard the mix tapes seen the videos but we’re yet to see an official UK release from him.

Fear not we’ve been told that “Knock Knock” will be his first official UK single due to be released on the 13th June 2011. Watch the video below, and don’t worry we’ll keep you posted with any updates

Manchester’s Hottest New Grime Artist – R.I.O

R.I.O (Rio), the Manchester-based fresh, talented new artist has caused quite a storm after emerging on to the grime/hip hop scene and shows no signs of leaving.

I caught up with the cheeky, charming young chappy and asked him about his recent success and how he has been enjoying life in the limelight.

Nayna: Hey Rio, how are you doing?

Rio: I’m fine thank you, how about yourself?

N: I’m really good thanks. I’ve been listening to your new single, ‘What If’ all week and love it, what’s your inspiration behind the song?

Rio: The inspiration behind the single is a past relationship I was involved in, talking about what if she was the one. Obviously, she isn’t mine anymore but it’s all about what if she was the one who was meant for me.

N: Aw so it was straight from the heart?

Rio: Yeh yeh, I like people to kind of get to know me and understand what my life has been like based on my past experiences.

N: That’s really sweet. Since the single released on 25th April, what have you been upto?

Rio: A lot of touring, I’ve done a tour with Wiley and am doing school tours as well. I’ve been in London a lot, I’m actually in London right now doing loads and loads on interviews. (to himself) What else have I been upto? I’m in talks with another major artist at the moment, hoping to get on their tour.

N: I heard you supported Rick Ross recently on his tour? Were you nervous doing that?

Rio: Yeh that was in October at the Apollo in Manchester. To actually get onto that gig was overwhelming ‘cos like something like that isn’t easy to get on. So when I got told that I had got on there, it was like a blessing ‘cos I had been working so hard. I rehearsed a lot to make sure I could deliver a good performance and it was entertaining for the crowd. Obviously it was in my hometown and that made it extra special, there was a lot of support but yeh, that was my biggest gig to date.


N: How’s your album coming along? What kind of vibes can we expect?

Rio: Well I’m working on the album at the moment, getting all the tracks together. As well as having tracks like ‘What If’ on there, I still want the vibe of the album to have a bit of substance so you’ll have some underground, hip hop on there, a bit of rap and grime, a bit of reggae influenced tracks, I want it to be a really diverse kind of album. I won’t be looking to release the album until probably next year, ‘cos I’m going to be covering more mixtapes.


N: It’s great that you can be so diverse rather than stick to one kind of thing.

Rio: Yeh I want to give people a taste of what I represent, like I don’t just talk about girls, I don’t just represent hip hop and it can work in my favour but it’s also really hard ‘cos I’m doing so many things and I need to make sure I do them all really well at an equal level. But like I said it works in my favour too because it opens a lot of doors for me.


N: Definitely! Seems like you could be a threat to a lot of artists, (said with a cheeky smile and a grin) What do you think makes you different from them? Whats special about Rio?

Rio: Whats special about Rio? The name, the charm, the charisma (laughs). No seriously, I’d like to say that I’m a peoples person. I can get along with people of any age, background. I’m humble, totally humble kind of guy, hard-working, my music is unique, I am unique… I would like to say.


N: You sure about that?

Rio: (cheekily) you’d have to tell me (cheeky laugh), as I was saying, I’m basically a peoples person, you know the guy that everybody feels comfortable being around.


N: That’s important because you want your fans to like you as well your music.

Rio: Definitely, interacting with the fans is important. Some artists like to keep their fans at a distance, ‘cos they like to keep them at a level where they know they are ‘the fans’ but I don’t do that and sometimes fans will ask me how’s your son and how are certain things in your life and I don’t mind that, I will speak to them. At the end of the day, your true supporters are always going to be loyal and always going to be there and it’s important to show them importance too.


N: Is there any artist that you really inspires you?

Rio: I’m really inspired by Tinie Tempah, just the way he carries himself despite having so much hype around just him name and the collaborations he has had on his album.


N: If you could work with someone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Rio: Dead artist, I would have to say Bob Marley.


N: And what one song do you wish you had sung and released and you have to explain why?

Rio: Oh that’s a very good question you know? Erm, ‘One Love’ by Bob Marley, it’s a song that never gets old and can still appeal to any age.


N: What one thing do you want to achieve before 2011 is over?

Rio: Most important thing for me would be to respected in my own right, as the artist that I am and for what I do. That obviously will come with time, hard work and dedication.


N: Where can we expect to see from you now?

Rio: Well there’s a new tune that’s just been dropped and I’m featured on it called ‘Gansgter’, there’s a few other big names on there; Scrufizzer, Warlock, Shifty, Revolver & Wariko and it combines artists from three different cities, Manchester, Nottingham and London so that’s pretty cool. There’s a new mixtape that I’ve just brought out at the start of April, which has already had 8,000 downloads and you can expect more mixtapes, with a lot of collaborations. There’s going to be a lot of touring as well which you can find out about, as the dates get confirmed, by following me on Twitter: @RioMusic10.


N: Well thank you Rio, it has been an absolute pleasure. We look forward to hearing more of you on the grime scene.

Rio: Yeh definitely,  there’s a lot more to come from me yet so keep ears and eyes open for me.


It truly was a pleasure to interview R.I.O, the already successful artist has not lost his down-to-earth attitude and is surely one to watch out for on the Grime scene over the next few months.

Check out Rio’s official website: for all his new music and videos.

Follow Rio on Twitter: @RioMusic10

You can also take a look at all his music videos on YouTube: RareBreedRecords

Strikey – The Feeling [NEW MUSIC]

So the man Strikey has given us another FREE track in the run up to his eagerly anticipated new album. The track is   called “The Feeling”. Just like the last, this is also FREE so start downloading people.

The track is produced by the talented Sepone (formally Gup-E), and uses a sample of Earl Klugh’s Living Inside Your Love. I gotta admit this is one of our favorite samples if you don’t know its the one used in Pain by the late great Tupac taken from the Above The Rim OST.

Download link track here:

Strikey The Feeling

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